Sunday, 25 October 2015

Car Tracker Essex

You may have noticed a massive increase in vehicles getting stolen in the Essex area. With a tracking system which is monitored by a secure control centre you can rest assured your vehicle will be safely tracked and recovered in the event of a theft. With the Cobratrak plus it features a super fast response time in the event of a theft and the subscription is very cost effective at only £138. This only works out to £11.50 per month which is a very small premium for the insurance approved service they offer.

Having a Thatcham Cat 6 Car Tracker Essex is the most popular way to secure your investment and a Thatcham Cat 6 unit is normally ok for vehicles up to the value of £90,000 meaning unless you have a super car or a very high end range rover the Cat 6 unit will be fine.

Most car trackers work off GPS and GSM which means they can be located very quickly. Years ago with old VHF technology it used to take hours to recover a vehicle and now it takes on average of 20 minutes. As with all trackers all insurance approved devices have a back up battery which kicks in if the vehicles power is disconnected.

Parking Sensors Essex

Parking Sensors are a must have to protect your investment, With body panels and paint repairs being so expensive it makes sense to make a small investment and protect your pride and joy. We offer extremely neat sensors which are nice and small and look factory fitted once installed and with all our Parking Sensors Essex coming with a 3 year warranty for complete piece of mind you simply can't go wrong.

Parking sensors typically come as 4 rear sensors and a hidden buzzer within the interior of the vehicle. The sensors are drilled into the bumper and are a permanent fit once installed. All the parking sensors can be colour coded professionally to match your existing vehicles paint. Our sensors detect objects up to 1.5 meters in advance meaning you have the best chance and ability to park your vehicle correctly without hitting an object.

Parking sensors come in many different types from sensors that clip into the bumper or flush mounted sensors which are located from behind the vehicles bumper. No matter which sensors you choose they come with a long warranty period due to them being very reliable.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Handsfree Essex

In Car Advancements offer a wide range of Bluetooth Handsfree kits, we supply and fit these in the local Essex area by our mobile installation service. We are Parrot Certified which means we give a full 2 year warranty on the product.

We offer basic kits which are a simple 2 button control and others which have a full colour screen with a small wireless remote. When choosing a Handsfree Essex it's wise to think about what features you will require when your out on the road. Some kits offer basic handsfree calling and others give you handsfree calling and music via Bluetooth or USB.

Unlike many other kits Parrot has the back up and support which gives you added piece of mind when buying a handsfree bluetooth system.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Catalytic Converter Theft In Essex

Did you know catalytic converter theft is one of the easy crimes in terms of vehicle theft? These catalytic converters are getting taken off Mercedes Sprinters, Ford Rangers, Fords, VW's, Vauxhalls. The catalytic converter has many meterials inside which are worth huge amount of money in terms of scrap value. With a Cat alarm you can simply protect your vehicle from damage and stop the catalytic converter from getting damaged.

A catalytic converter alarm is linked into an aftermarket alarm system like a Cobra or Toad system which will protect your vehicle as per normal but trigger the main alarm of around 120DB if the catalytic converter is tampered with

We offer a mobile service fitting alarms for all your types of security needs.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

In Car Advancements has been redesigned for better user viewing

We have been working hard to make sure is better to use for our customers, We have made changes to the most important parts of the site which makes it easier to find what your looking for.

There has been a search bar added to the top left hand side of the main homepage, for example if typing in ''Parrot'' It will display all the Parrot Handsfree kits which are avaliable to be fitted in the Essex area.

Also Taxi Cobra CCTV systems have also been added due to high demand from Taxi drivers for protection and to protect the company brand.